Information – it’s the heart of sound decision making. Every day, livestock producers are faced with scores of decisions they must make. Some of these are simple and require little consideration. Others are more complex and can mean the difference between optimal and substandard animal performance. – The difference between profit and <loss>.

Long term profitability means making the right decisions in your programs, purchases and sales over the long haul. It also means proper planning to take advantages of trends and opportunities as well as to deal with challenges when these arise. And it means dealing with the constantly evolving livestock industry landscape.

We live in a world where information and technology changes constantly. Staying on top of developments and trends is a fulltime job alone. Analyzing this information and evolving technology and putting it into practice can be enormously time consuming.

BLN Consulting has worked for years to assist producers with the task of information management, research and technology assessment and decision making. All this is then bundled into a utilizable package resulting in effective programs to enhance animal performance, productivity and profitability.

Our clients have included everything from small family farms to national and international corporations. International consulting efforts include Brazil, Canada, Mexico and South Africa with contacts many others.

BLN was founded on the principle of delivering sound, reliable nutritional and management consulting service to its clients. Efforts with our various clients are close-knot relationships based on the fact that we take their performance and profitability seriously. We know our client’s operations are what, in some cases, may largely support their families and in many cases is their life blood. Because of this we take a vested interest in each and every client and work with them as if their operation were our own.

We also understand that each client is an individual and must be treated as such. We work to identify the needs and wants of each client so we can best help them build, grow and improve their operation.

Contact BLN Consulting today to discuss your operation and how we can work together to enhance your performance, productivity and profitability.