If we need fast money, getting urgent loans both through traditional banks and through private companies and without doing just paperwork will only take a few minutes. On this page, we show the best deals of the moment and explain how to obtain urgent loans online step by step.

When does the money come from the urgent loans online?

One of the main features of online loans is, as its name suggests, that allow us to get the money we request in just a few minutes from your request. However, there are some parameters that will make that, although the lenders make the transfer at the moment, we do not have the money in our account at the moment. This is due to the transfer of monetary policies between different bank accounts.

Therefore, although online loans are quick to give the money transfer order, we may take longer to receive it. To know how long it will take to have the contracted credit and to which entity to go according to the bank where we have our account to get the money in minutes, we recommend downloading the following free guide:

Get an urgent online loan step by step

The process of contracting the urgent loans will depend on the type of entity we go to, although generally, the steps to follow are very similar to each other:

  1. Fill out the online form with our personal and economic data so that they can analyze our data and grant us a pre-approval.

  2. Send the documentation that you ask us through an email so that the entity can verify the data of the form and give us the final approval.

  3. Read and sign the contract. When our request is approved we will send to our email a contract that we must read and, if we completely agree with the clauses that appear, sign and resend.

Being an online process this will allow us to obtain an immediate response and get urgent loans in cash thanks to the automatic analysis of the data that we detail in the form.

Are online urgent credits safe?

Yes, Requesting urgent loans online is easy and completely secure. However, we must be careful because of the proliferation of financial bars to avoid falling into their deception when we seek funding. For this, in the following infographic created by HelpMyCash we can see the signals that will allow us to distinguish the frauds of legitimate companies.

In case of any doubt about the legitimacy of the entity we are going to, the most prudent thing is to pause the request until we make sure that it is a legitimate entity and never send money before having received it.

Where are fast credits requested on the Internet?

Nowadays, getting online payday loans is easy and possible from different entities- Green-Touch org. Thanks to the application of new technologies to the application processes and the new regulations of the Sepblac that now allows remote identification, we can go to different entities to obtain urgent online loans.

Both banks and private equity lenders offer quick online loans, making the entire application and signature process through the Internet.

Depending on our situation, we will pay more. For example, if our institution offers us a pre-granted loan, it will always be cheaper to hire it than to request a quick bank loan.

Responsibly use urgent loans

Urgent loans online without a guarantee are a great tool to make large payments and return the money in comfortable smaller installments. But to be able to enjoy the advantages of these products, it is vital to request them in a responsible manner. For this we show the personal aspects that you must take into account to request them responsibly:

  • Be sure that we can reimburse them

  • Calculate the total cost of financing, not just the cost of fees

  • Compare, at least, three different financing offers

  • Choose the term well to avoid paying interest on more

  • Request only the money we need

  • Know what type of urgent online loan to go to

  • Read the entire contract carefully

    • Ask any questions that arise when reading it

  • Negotiate with the entity to try to get better conditions

  • Notify in advance if we anticipate that we will incur a non-payment in order to negotiate

If there is any doubt about whether it is a good financing offer or we do not understand any concept or condition, we can always go to the HelpMyCash forum, where the experts will answer any questions we have.

What happens if I can not pay the urgent loan online?

If we have requested urgent loans online without paperwork, upon signing the contract we undertake to reimburse it in accordance with the conditions stipulated in said document. In these cases, the consequences of not paying will be detailed in the same document and may range from charging interest and commissions for the delay to include us in a file of defaults or go to trial.

In the following video, our expert explains if in the event of non-payment of a loan, the extreme measure of going to court is reached and that the judge orders the garnishment of the payroll as a way of repaying the requested loan.

The best if we anticipate that we can incur a default is to contact the entity to negotiate a new form of reimbursement more adapted to our current economic situation as an extension or a deficiency. Virtually all entities are open to friendly negotiation to avoid default.